Life is sweet, like Tomaro Honey!

About Us

For the love of bees!  That's why we do it here at Tomaro Honey. 

In an effort to help the bees survive during what has become the most difficult time in history for the bee population, Albert Tomaro decided to become a beekeeper.  After taking beekeeping courses at Rutger's University Albert began his beekeeping journey. 

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Tomaro Honey Commercial filmed and directed by Eitan Miller of Light Flight Studios 

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to educate the public about the good that bees do in our world. We are committed to providing pure and healthful honey. Most importantly we are committed to honeybees. We are committed to keeping them healthy and enabling them to thrive in the world around us.

Award winning products

2nd place winners of NJ State Honey Show, our Honey lotion and Lip Balm

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